A life sentence

I support Lincoln City. I see it as a life sentence. Aptly described by The Guardian as one of England’s “traditionally least successful clubs” earlier this year, following the Imps is not advised if you want any of the following:

  • Good football
  • Trophies
  • Goals
  • Cup runs
  • Big name stars
  • Glamour
  • Competence

If you want freezing midweek trips to Chesterfield, embarrassing last-minute victories over part-timers in the Cup and nail-biting battles against relegation…read on.

The Story so far:

For any novices reading, I’ll try to get you up to speed. Lincoln City were formed in 1884, between then and the start of this season the club won three Division Three (North) titles, one Division Four title and a Conference title. In the early part of the last decade we finished in the Play-Off places five seasons in a row. We failed to be promoted all five times. We have never been to Wembley. We are entering our eleventh season in a row in the bottom tier of the Football League.

At the start of this season we were managed by former Blackburn, Celtic and England striker Chris Sutton. The season started badly, he quit, we hired former Southend United boss Steve Tilson in his place. As it stands, we are second bottom of the entire league, in the relegation zone and have scored nine league goals all season. This past weekend we celebrated an exhilarating FA Cup First Round win over Nuneaton in which we took 90 minutes to score a goal against a team of part timers.

In short, things are bad. How much worse can they get? Join me and see.

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One Response to A life sentence

  1. and you take the mick out of me for being liverpool ! haha

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