Ben Hutchinson and the worst fans in the world

Ben Hutchinson is our top scorer this season. As accolades go, that’s like being the most intelligent member of the Jersey Shore cast, but we’ll bypass that and get to the real issue. The real issue being that during our abject 2-0 defeat by Northampton last week Hutchinson allegedly called Lincoln fans “the worst in the world”.

Now, I’m all for honesty. I’m sick of players using the phrase “best fans in the world”. I’m sick of anyone using the phrase. A quick Google search returns pages of articles and quotes giving the accolade to fans of Wales, San Francisco GiantsSaskatchewan Roughriders, all the teams in Chicago and even Justin Bieber. And many, many more.

So perhaps Hutchinson’s statement (apparently shouted from the pitch, towards some fans) should be seen as a refreshing change from the usual platitudes. It has to be acknowledged that we’re not the loudest fans in the world. Or the most forgiving. And far, far too many of us leave with five minutes left, to beat the traffic.

But worst fans in the world is pushing it a bit for those sins. At least we’ve never formed a human swastika at an away game.

Second worst then.

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