Imps 3-1 Hereford – reactions roundup

City recorded their third win in a row earlier, I was out, let’s see what liveblogging phenomenon Twitter had to say:

My dad:

Best game in years at The Bank…can’t believe these are the same players

The University of Lincoln’s student paper, The Linc:

Tilson has had just over a month with these players and they are playing with the confidence and awareness of a team now. Fantastic.

The Lincolnshire Echo’s Lincoln City guy, Leigh Curtis:

[Mustafa] Carayol has been unplayable today. They’ve all played well, but he has been outstanding.


I am that ecstatic about today’s performance that I am going to eat a whole dundee cake.

BBC Lincolnshire commentator Michael Hortin:

Sincil Bank reborn today…

Good game then. Delroy scored and even the much maligned Ben Hutchinson got a standing ovation when he left the field. For the first time in ages, I’m disappointed I couldn’t have been at Sincil Bank and jealous of those who were. It seems we’re keeping the Bastardi at bay for the moment…

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