Lincs of the week

Firstly, the BBC’s highlights of our 3-1 win over Hereford, you’ll have to tell me if the goals were any good because I’m posting from mobile internet so have essentially been thrown back into the dark ages.

Secondly, a great article on self styled “punk football” pioneers FC United of Manchester from the Observer. FC United seem to polarise debate. Some understandably find it hard to warm to a Manchester based club that wears red and calls themselves “United”. Others regard the rebels as traitors, who turned their backs on their club. I disagree, their club slowly turned their back on them over the course of many years.

FC United, in contrast, are exactly what football clubs should be. Fan owned and operated, purely for the benefit of the community they serve. Lincoln fans, of all people, should be able to sympathise with that. “Little United” play Brighton in the FA Cup Second Round this Saturday, I wish them luck.

Thirdly, proof that Lincoln have global appeal. The Sierra Leone media gives an update on the progress of City and Sierra Leone midfielder Albert Jarret.

And finally, it’s only a fiver to get in to Tuesday’s game with Bury if you also buy a copy of the Lincolnshire Echo.

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