Stuff to read – blank weekend edition

With the snow causing the country to grind to a halt it’s looking a lot like our game at Cheltenham tomorrow may not go ahead. Expect an announcement sometime today. City chief executive Dave Roberts says the game is in “extreme doubt” and Steve Tilson says he’ll be amazed if the game goes ahead. It also turns out that the snow has meant the team have only trained together once this week. Wouldn’t happen in Russia…

So here’s some interesting football related stuff that might fill the empty two hours on Saturday afternoon. Firstly, the World Cup. Simon Kuper in the Financial Times makes the case for Russia 2018 being the “logical choice” (but still expresses bafflement at Qatar 2022), Gab Marcotti says that World Cup bidding isn’t about who has the best stadiums and infrastructure but about FIFA’s desire for a “legacy”, The Linc suggests Iran 2026 and The Guardian rounds up the reaction in the British press. In short, they’re not happy. Oh one Daily Mail writer thinks we lost because there were black people in one of the bid videos while Martin Samuel in the same publication provides a magnificent rant, defending the British press:

So while we might feel deflated this morning, we’ll get over it. And we are wiser and we know things now. So we’ll continue to say exactly what we think about FIFA in the knowledge that we are getting under their skin. They hate it so much that they have fled to Nizhny Novograd and Ash Shamal to avoid us. So, for that at least, be proud.

And if you’re bored of the World Cup postmortem The Guardian gets nostalgic for stupid football trends. Bring back inflatables!

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