Aldershot preview: yes, we’re actually playing a game! (maybe)

It’s been 20 days since our last game, the 2-2 draw away at Hereford in the Cup. That game was so long ago, I almost feel nostalgic looking back at it. Remember how we were 2-1 up and apparently cruising before a late goal sent it to a (twice postponed) replay at Sincil Bank? Remember what it felt like to support a team that actually plays games of football? What about white dog poo, you don’t see that anymore do you?!

Er, anyway, tomorrow’s game is on despite the weather forecast showing a maximum temperature of -2 and the Aldershot website saying they’re “hopeful the match will be able to be staged” and rather optimistically asking for volunteers to help clear the pitch of covers at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Anyway, it helps to know a bit about who we (might) be playing tomorrow:


Aldershot Town F.C.

Aldershot Town FC



Founded in 1992 out of the ashes of the original Aldershot FC. Climbed from five levels below League 2 to return to the Football League in 2008.


It’s in Hampshire, south west of London.

No, I meant where are they in the table?

18th, three points ahead of us with one more game played. Manager Kevin Dillon describes his team as “desperate for goals”. It’s winnable, then.

Any players we know?

Anyone who was there may remember Marvin Morgan, who scored a hattrick against us in the same fixture last season. They also have a midfielder called Emmanuel Panther, the kind of player you’d want Lincoln to sign purely so you could have his name on the back of a replica shirt.

Reasons we’ll win:

They’ve only won two in the last ten, haven’t scored a goal in their last ten, rather pathetically lost to Dover Athletic in the FA Cup. Delroy Facey, the most capped and therefore best player in the club’s history, is back from his Caribbean jaunt (his country, Grenada came fourth in the Caribbean Cup).

Reasons we’ll lose:

We’ve not played in three weeks and have barely trained outdoors in that time. As far as match buildups go, it’s been far from perfect.

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