Northampton preview: a load of old cobblers


Founded in 1897, by schoolteachers. They are the ultimate yo-yo club, in the 1960s they got promoted all the way from Division 4 to Division 1, before being relegated all the way back down again. Currently enjoying their second consecutive season in League 2.


Despite their headline grabbing penalty win over Liverpool at Anfield in the Carling Cup, Northampton are struggling in 19th, five points ahead of the Imps.

Any players we know?

Depends if you have a good working knowledge of Norwich City strikers past and present. If you do, you’ll know Leon McKenzie, who was part of their promotion winning side in 03/04. He’s good, too. Six goals this season.

Do we hate them?

With Lincoln, the answer to this question is always yes. I, personally, hold a grudge against them after a trip to Sixfields a few seasons back where a sticker on someone’s car proclaimed “Northampton Town: On loan to League 2”. File under “unwarranted arrogance”.

Reasons we’ll win:

They’re almost as out of practice as we are (one game since December 11th), they had a similarly crappy result as us on New Years Day (a 2-0 defeat to Crewe). We still have Ashley Grimes on loan from Millwall.

Reasons we’ll lose:

Lincoln have never won at Sixfields.

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