6 things we learned from Northampton 2-1 Lincoln

1. Ben Hutchinson is lazy and arrogant.

OK so we already knew this. At this level you can’t expect perfect service from your midfielders, you can’t expect fans to not be annoyed with you when you decide not to chase after a ball and you definitely can’t expect to do the Thierry Henry arrogant shrug of the shoulders thing and get away with it.

This thing.

2. Sixfields is soulless.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than playing at a county cricket ground, as they used to do but…the whole place has the feel of a stadium in the Soviet Union. Or one made from Lego.

3. Danny Hone shouldn’t have been sent on loan.

He played well today, will improve. And nicely showed the wrongheadedness of Chris Sutton’s transfer dealings.

4. Goals from outside the box are like buses.

You wait ages for one, and two come along at once.  Josh O’Keefe’s goal for City was special. Northampton’s winner looked equally good. Both goals were all the more surprising when you consider the low quality of the rest of the game.

5. Our defence can’t deal with periods of sustained pressure.

Northampton’s two goals came from their only two serious sustained attacks. If the defence don’t get a chance to regroup, they panic, lose their heads and concede. Steve Tilson’s priority during January should be bringing in an experienced centre back.

6. Lincoln are seriously in trouble.

We’ve spent the past few seasons “circling the plughole”, as someone put it to me earlier today. On the evidence of today, after losing to a very, very poor Northampton side, it really could be us.

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