7 Things we learned from Lincoln City 3-4 Hereford

1. Games which no-one cares about are generally the most entertaining.

Freed from the constraints of a relegation battle, and excited to be playing on FA Cup Third Round day (although actually in the Second Round) Lincoln and Hereford reverted to Kevin Keegan style “we’ll score one more than you” football. Add into the mix two horrible defences, a prize for the winners that no-one really wanted (a trip to Wycombe in the Third Round, this Tuesday night) and we got a fun afternoon for our money. More fun than the equivalent League game would have been, anyway.

2. There’s really no problem with our forwards.

Delroy Facey was excellent all game and scored a wonderful individual goal, Carayol and Jarrett contributed and Ashley Grimes’ equaliser will go down as one of the goals of the season. Any team in the league would have been satisfied to put three past Hereford. And, with a bit more composure, we could have had more. Loads more.

3. There is a big problem with our defence.

We could have scored more, but so could Hereford. They hit the bar once, the post once and had numerous other chances. Their attack wasn’t just like a hot knife through butter, there was no butter at all. Poor Joe Anyon in the Lincoln goal was set an impossible task. OK, it was a makeshift defence due to injuries and Danny Hone being cup tied from his time on loan at Darlington (thanks, Chris Sutton!), but the lack of depth is very concerning.

4. Did we know that Hereford could score goals?

Because if we didn’t before, we do now. Manset and Fleetwood looked lethal. And why should this concern us? Because…

5. We’ve dropped into the bottom two, again.

By virtue of Barnet winning at Bradford and us not playing in the League. And who’s the only team in the league underneath us? Hereford, of course. Can they find the goals to pull themselves clear?

6. Attendances are a cause for concern.

1,794 today, 3,225 against Bradford on New Years Day…people have either got out of the habit after our enforced snowy hiatus, or just can’t be bothered anymore after a horrible first half of the season. Lincoln don’t have a sugar daddy owner and rely on getting people through the gates for money. If there’s no-one coming through the gates, there’s no money. If there’s no money, there’ll be no new signings in January. If there’s no new signings…

7. We really could get relegated.

I know this was a thing we learned at Northampton too, but today really brought it home. Conceding four at home to the bottom side spells trouble. We have to hope that Steve Tilson has some answers, somewhere.

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