things we learned from Imps v Shrimps

1. Ashley Grimes is too good for us
His second goal, where he controlled the ball on his chest, brought it down, turned and shot for the top corner, was possibly the best I’ve seen scored by a Lincoln player and was worthy of a higher stage than a mid table League 2 scrap. Millwall had a scout at the Shrews game, apparently checking on his progress. If the Lions don’t want him, his goals yesterday won’t have gone unnoticed by other clubs higher up. There were chants of “sign him up” but…I suspect we have another Davide Somma on our hands here. (Who, by the way, scored his first goal for South Africa midweek, under a year since his Imps debut). He won’t be here in August.

2. The sheer number of games we’re playing is taking it’s toll
There was a lengthy period in the second half yesterday, probably between 60 and 70 minutes where Lincoln simply sat back and let Morecambe have attack after futile attack at our goal. The ball barely left our half and we seemed to spend most of it with our players encamped on the edge of the box. All of this despite any real impetus from Morecambe.

It’s hard to put it down to anything except tiredness. We’ve now played 8 games in a month, and a game every Tuesday in the last three (with another to play this Tuesday). The postponements that wiped out our December, are beginning to have an effect on our February as we seek to catch up.

Expect more tired performances over the next few weeks.

3. Ali Fuseini could be a really shrewd signing
We were only able to sign him because no-one else would touch a player facing trial for kidnap and attempted rape. He was subsequently cleared of all charges in court on Friday. He hasn’t played much since the summer, and looks a little out of fitness, but in the early part of the game yesterday he was a lively midfield presence. And he’s ours until summer 2012.

4. The atmosphere is much better than it’s been in years
Kudos to those in the Stacey West stand who make the effort, they produced almost constant noise all afternoon. Personal highlight, the mocking “you’re supposed to be away” chants aimed at the Morecambe fans.

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