Positives from Rotherham

I’m a natural optimist. Ask anyone who knows me.  So naturally I’ve looked at our astonishing six nil defeat to Rotherham (‘highlights’ available here if you’re a masochist)  and found some positives:

1. We have a new hate figure: I’m talking, of course, about Sunderland manager Steve Bruce. Recalling goalkeeper Trevor Carson, our only senior keeper below the age of 40, and immediately loaning him out to Brentford was a work of such malevolent genius, he could only be working with the Bastardi in an effort to deliberately wind me up. Even worse, Carson was only named as sub goalkeeper for Brentford’s game with Carlisle.

2. It can’t get any worse for our debutants. Tom Kilbey and Elliot Parish, on loan from Portsmouth and Villa must have wondered what they’ve let themselves in for. Don’t worry lads, you’ve already seen us at rock bottom. It literally can’t get any worse. Parish was making his senior football debut too, he can only improve from here on in. In his next game, he might get to play behind a defence, for example.

3. Adam Watts appears to care. It’s not often that postmatch interviews are worth listening to. But BBC Lincolnshire’s one with City captain Adam Watts was. He appeared genuinely down about what had happened, and even offered an apology to City fans. It’s appreciated.

4. Ashley Grimes will come back at some point. Hopefully.

5. Scott Spencer’s forward roll. I don’t know if anyone noticed this, but it was the high point of the whole game from a City point of view. Spencer, so obviously desperate to impress, was chasing a long ball pumped into the Rotherham box. As he chased, he lost his footing and fell forward. With the agility of a cat, he converted his fall into a forward roll, landed on his feet and continued running as if nothing had happened. Would have been even better if he’d managed to get the ball. Or do anything productive at any other point in the ninety minutes.

6. I got an away shirt for a tenner. The retro looking silvery blue one. On sale in the club shop now!

7. Running out of positives now. No wait, I’ve got an eighth one…

8. Only eight more games of this horrible season left. Port Vale (a), Torquay (a), Gillingham (h), Crewe (a), Bury (a), Cheltenham (h), Oxford (a) and Aldershot (h) and then, freeeeeeeeedom.

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