Imps 1-2 Wrexham – “football’s a cruel game kids”

Game number three and things are starting to take shape. Sort of.

The good news:

This was LOADS better than Kidderminster on Tuesday night. As a team performance it seemed far more cohesive and far more adventurous than Tuesday.

We created lots of chances. The stats reflect this, 12 on target and another 5 off target. Comfortably more than Wrexham had. It took some extraordinary goalkeeping, and some good old fashioned gung ho defending (ie, people literally throwing themselves in front of the ball) to keep us out.

Gavin McCallum is starting to show signs of being…good? He had a good game out on the left, Wrexham boss Dean Saunders was very complimentary post-match.

We’ve scored at home!

The bad news:

Shoddy, shoddy defending. We seem to have sorted out our set piece problems (there was nothing we could have done about the Wrexham opener) but we’re still liable to go to sleep or drift into complacency. As Jay Harris’ winner showed.

Steve Tilson is still too slow to try to change things. It took until the 74th minute for the first substitutions. 16 minutes isn’t enough time for anyone new to have a substantial impact on a game.

The crowd/fans in general aren’t patient enough. There was a resigned air as soon as Wrexham scored, despite the fact that we’d probably been the better side up until that point and some isolated booing at the final whistle. Not cool.


I used the word “effective” to describe Kidderminster and I can’t think of a better word to describe Wrexham either. Clearly brought together by their tough pre-season they played as a unit and fought hard. A fan can’t ask for much more than that. Is this a league filled entirely with “effective” teams?

Moment of the match:

The goal! We scored! A goal! An actual goal! After all that excitement, a point probably was too much to ask for.

Off the field moment of the match:

The fan at the front of the Co-op stand who collected the ball, motioned to a Wrexham player that he would throw it to him before throwing it in a completely different direction to cheers from the crowd. Classic comedy.


Afterwards, a man to his two sons: “football’s a cruel game kids”.

Game in a sentence:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither are decent Conference level teams.

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