Stats: Lincoln City’s record after 8 games since 01/02

I’ll write an assessment of yet another Imps disaster tomorrow, but for the moment here’s a rundown of how we were doing after eight games of the season, every season since 2001/2002:

Alan Buckley:

2001/02: 20th place, P8 W1 D4 L3 GD 0 Pts 7. Final position: 22nd

Keith Alexander:

2002/03: 4th place, P8 W4 D2 L2 GD +4 Pts 14. Final position: 7th

2003/04 16th place, P8 W2 D3 L3 GD +2 Pts 9. Final position: 7th

2004/05 19th place, P8 W2 D4 L2 GD -3 Pts 8. Final position: 6th

2005/06 10th place, P8 W2 D5 L1 GD +2 Pts 11. Final position: 7th

John Schofield:

2006/07 2nd place, P8 W6 D2 L0 GD +8 Pts 20. Final position: 5th

2007/08 23rd place, P8 W2 D0 L6 GD -6 Pts 6. Final position: 15th

* John Schofield was sacked three games later after a dismal 4-0 defeat at MK Dons, with the Imps still in 23rd place, with 8 points.

Peter Jackson:

2008/09 19th place, P8 W1 D3 L4 GD -4 Pts 6. Final position: 13th

2009/10 15th place, P8 W3 D0 L5 GD -4 Pts 9. Final position: 20th

* Peter Jackson had already been sacked, after just five games of the season with the Imps sitting 17th in the table with 6 points. He is (probably) the only manager in history to be sacked immediately after losing a Johnstones Paint Trophy game.

Chris Sutton:

2010/11 21st place, P8 W2 D1 L5 GD -6 Pts 7. Final position: 23rd, relegated.

* Chris Sutton left the club just one game later, with the club in 20th place with 8 points.

Steve Tilson:

This season: 22nd place, P8 W1 D2 L5 GD -6 Pts 5.

In terms of points, this is our worst start to a season in over a decade. We have been lower in the table, however. Three managers have left around this stage of the season, after poor starts. And of course, those bad starts were all in League 2, rather than the fat blokes and part timers league that is the BSP. I’ll leave you to decide where this leaves Steve Tilson and his long term employment prospects.

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