Imps 0-2 Kettering – how much worse can it get?

Legend has it that at the opening match of USA ’94, between Germany and Bolivia, some of the local fans, ignorant of the rules of the game, began to leave the stadium after Jurgen Klinsmann’s opening goal believing that in football the first goal is the winning goal.

I can only assume that the Lincoln City squad suffers from the same confusion over the rules. Once again against Kettering we conceded and simply stopped playing. Just like Darlington (where the killer blow came after 30 seconds), Kidderminster and numerous games last season, as soon as we go a goal behind, we stop. Game over.

There are two Lincoln City’s (Cities?). The first is the one which was on the field between the first and sixty third minutes of the game. They outclassed the excuse for a football team that was put on the field against them. Without the intervention of the excellent goalkeeper and the post on two occasions we’d have gone into the break with a comfortable lead, and one which would have been fully deserved.

The second Lincoln City is the one that visibly surrendered as soon as Kettering snuck a goal with their first shot of the game. It seems to me that our problem isn’t tactical, or in personnel, or the manager.

Our problem is mental. We believe we’re going to lose when we go behind, fans and players alike. The groan that went round Sincil Bank when Kettering took the lead said it all. I almost stood up and left, there was simply no way we were getting anything from that game at that point.

I’m not yet on board the ever growing “Tilson must go” bandwagon (can we afford to sack him? who can we get in instead?) but…it’s not going to be long. And I simply don’t see how a group of players this low on confidence can be turned around.

Question of the day: What greater power has Lincoln City football club and it’s fans angered to merit this punishment? Who do I have to sacrifice a goat to for a home win?

Man of the match: Thought Alan Power thoroughly deserved the nod from the sponsors.

Fast improving “see, I told you he was alright” player of the game: Ali Fuseini. A class above at this level.

The opposition: The worst team I’ve ever seen. And they beat us. Enough said.

Game in a sentence: OH GOD MAKE IT STOP

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