Imps 0-2 York – zzzzzzzzz

We always lose to Grimsby, we should ignore those games as a measure of where we are as a team. They were local derbies, they count for nothing. They wanted it more than us, of course they did. York, now that’s the real game. The real test. They’re on a bad run of form, we might just get something from it. You never know…

The optimism of a Lincoln City fan is quickly dashed. Playing spoiling tactics in the first half, we managed to turn this game into an attritional midfield battle. It was shut down as a contest to such an extent that neither side managed to put a shot on target in the first forty five minutes.

York’s class began to tell in the second half though. A poor clearance from Tony Sinclair fell to Matty Blair. Minutes later it was Blair again whose head was on the end of a cross. 2-0. Game over.

There was, however, to be some late controversy. Lincoln were denied two penalties. One for a handball by former Imps captain Scott Kerr and then, most blatantly, when Richard Parslow seemed to literally catch the ball in the box.

The story of the game, though, was summed up in the three minutes of added time when Alan Power finally had Lincoln’s first shot on target. Waiting until the 92nd minute to test the opposition’s keeper isn’t the way to win games.

Man of the Match: No performance stood out, again.

Moment of the Match: This was genuinely one of the most boring games I’ve ever been to. I was ready to leave after the 30th minute of midfield warfare. There must be something better I can do on a Saturday afternoon?

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